Reading Guide 2017

Reading Guide 2017

2017 Bible Reading Guide

“Aim at Nothing and you will hit it every time.”  Unfortunately, that is how some Christians read their Bibles: with no particular plan in mind.  The result; much of the Bible never gets read at all.  Those who follow the plan we are pursuing as a congregation will read the following every four years:  The OT history, prophetic books, Acts and the NT letters once. Psalms and the Gospels three times.  The Christmas and Easter Stories four times, and Proverbs seven times.  This year we are reading all the Old Testament Poetry books (Job through the Song of Solomon), and all of the Minor Prophets (Hosea through Malachi.).  In the New Testament we will read all four gospels.

Reading together as a congregation also has great benefit since as we are reading the same things each week, we can discuss what we’ve read and encourage each other in the reading of Scripture.

In addition, we will read whatever chapter of the New Testament that Pastor Hale will be preaching on the coming Sunday.  That information will be printed in the weekly bulletin distributed at church each Sunday.  For those who want to get even more from the preaching, we suggest reading the entire New Testament book Pastor Hale is preaching from once each week by dividing the number of chapters in the book by five, and reading that many chapters each day.  The shorter books can even be read more than once each week.

The pace is not terribly strenuous—only between 7 and 10 chapters each week.  Reading only the 5 weekdays, we will average only a couple chapters each day.  YOU CAN DO THIS! 

Read, enjoy, encourage each other, and “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

You can download a PDF version of the guide by clicking here:

 2017 Bible Reading Guide.



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