What to Expect at Grace Bible Church

What to Expect at Grace Bible Church
What to Expect When You Visit Grace Bible Church
We hope you will want to be our guests.  For your convenience when you do, the following may be helpful:

Arriving/Parking Entering Our Facilities Your Children The Worship Service About
Our Music
After the Worship Service

There is plenty of parking on the north and west sides of the building, and in the street.

Enter either of the double door entrances at the northwest corner of the building.

Friendly people are at the doors to greet and assist you.  They will invite you to sign our guest book.  Beyond sending you one thank you note for worshiping with us, we promise you will not be put on a mailing list!  Promise!

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Our Facilities:
In the entrance lobby you will find complimentary coffee and tea.

Restrooms are through the double doors at the south end of the lobby.  They are clearly marked.

The sanctuary is directly next to the lobby to the east.

Building Map


Your Children YOU HAVE OPTIONS!:

Your children are your children so we give you options.

Nursery: We have a nursery staffed by loving women for infants through 2 years old.  The nursery is open from 15 minutes before the service starts.  The greeters can assist you in finding the nursery.  The nursery staff can assist you when you are there.

Sunday School: We provide children’s Sunday School classes with trained teachers for children ages 3 years old through 5th grade.  The children are in the service with their families during the singing and prayer time.  They are dismissed to their classes just prior to the preaching in the sanctuary.  Greeter can show you your children’s classes before the service.  You are free to go with your children when they are dismissed to their classes and return to the sanctuary when they are situated.

Out of consideration for the nursery workers and Sunday School teachers, we ask that parents retrieve their children from in a timely manner, but there is no need to rush.

Children are welcome to remain in the sanctuary:  Your children are welcome to remain with you in the sanctuary if you prefer.  Of course, if children need to be fed or changed, or they become fussy, you will want to take them out to help minimize distractions particularly during the preaching.

If you should need to take a child out, please read about our family room below. 

Family Room/Nursing: The Family Room has been designed for parents who are training their young children to be able to sit through the service, but whose children may not be able to just yet due to their age and/or special needs. There is a large flatscreen TV and soundbar along with plenty of comfy chairs. We encourage you to stand and sit when the congregation stands and sits! This will further aid your children as they learn to worship in the sanctuary
The Family Room is also here to serve those with babies! If you need a comfortable place to rock your baby, or a private area to nurse your little one, we have a partitioned off area for moms of babies. (We do ask that dads and older children respect the privacy of the women in the rocking and feeding area, by staying on the other side of the partition.) The Family Room is located in Room 4 on the map above. 

Options.  We aim to provide you with options so you can choose what is best for you and your children.

The Worship Service:
Because God is holy, we seek to worship Him in reverence.  Because God has been so good to us we seek to worship Him with joyful gratitude.  The worship service at Grace Bible Church usually lasts about ninety minutes.  It has several components, usually in the following order:
  • An opening hymn sung by the congregation.
  • Announcements about church family life and events.
  • Worship songs sung by the congregation.
  • We celebrate the Lord’s Supper once each month during the singing, usually on the third Sunday of each month.
  • Scripture reading, generally from the Psalms, but sometimes from other passages in the Bible.
  • One of the leaders in the church will pray.
  • The children are dismissed to their classrooms.
  • The preaching.  Our pastor preaches expositionally, through books of the Bible.  The preaching generally lasts 45-55 minutes.
  • A closing song sung by the congregation.

A Little More About Our Music:
We believe that the music in church is about worshiping a Holy God, not entertaining people.  Our music is led by a small set of musicians playing piano, guitars, and percussion.  We believe God wants to hear His people sing, so the musicians’ role is to assist the congregation to sing.  We strive to keep the volume of the music low enough that it never drowns out the voices of the congregation.  The words the congregation sings are projected on a screen in the front of the sanctuary.

After the Worship Service:
When the worship service has concluded, you may remain in the sanctuary for a few moments of reflection before exiting.  We also have elders in the front of the sanctuary for any who might want someone to pray for them before exiting.  Out of respect for those who may remain for prayer, those exiting are asked to be mindful about loud talking.

Once in the lobby, we hope you will not need to leave right away.  We would love to have the opportunity to get to meet you and visit a bit.  Complimentary coffee and tea are available in the north west corner of the lobby.

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We look forward to having you as our guests!

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