Enter His Presence

Enter His Presence

The Enter His Presence CD:

Enter His Presense is our second album of worship songs. Ordering information and lyric sheets are below.

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Enter His Presence for Worship Leaders

Biblical worship exalts and honors the Lord. Praise and worship music should be singable, beautiful, and reverent. The lyrics sung in the Church must be thoughtful and theologically sound. With these things in mind, a number of songs have been written by Frances Hale over the last twenty years that our congregation has enjoyed singing to the Lord. Most of these songs are taken from scripture.

This second volume of Frances’s songs has been recorded with the same desire as with the first recording, that the music of Grace Bible Church would be a blessing to your congregation as well.

The arrangements on the recording are perhaps more elaborate compared to how they are sung for our worship services, but if you listen to the recording, you will hear how the melody goes.

If you want to sing any of these songs in your church, please feel free to download the PDF lyric & chord sheets. All we ask is that you include the author and copyright information when printing the lyrics on paper, in song books, or overhead projections.

For additional information, contact our office by email at gracebible.office@gmail.com.

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